Introduction to Probability Theory

  Instructor:   Tomasz Łuczak
  Time and place:   M 8:15-9:45, A2-12, and Th 11:45-13:15, A2-19.
Written exam:   All the participants of the course who have got 3, 3.5, and 4, from the course should take a written exam on June 27th, aula A, 11:30-13:30. The problems on the exam will be similar to that on the 1st and 2nd midterms. Students who have got 5 are exempt from the exam and will get 5 as the final grade. Students with 4.5 have two options: either they skip the written exam and then have 4.5 as the final grade, or they will take the written exam but then they could get 5, but, in the most pesimistic scenario, could get 2 as well - it is all your choice.
The students who were unfortunate to get 2 from the course cannot take the written exam in June. They should first write a make-up test which is planned on September 9th, 16:00-17:30, aula B, and, if they will get from it at least a half of all points, a few days later (September 12th) take a written exam.
  Course description:   The main goal of the course is to present basic probabilistic tools used in computer science.
Textbooks:   During the course we will not follow any particular textbook. However, we cover only elementary probabilistic techniques which, basically, can be found in any textbook on the subject, such as, for instance, the book of Ross one can find in our library.
Grading:   Grades will be based on in-class quizzes (40%), and two in-class midterms (2x30%).
Quizes:   (Almost) each week we will have a short (and simple) quiz on the material from the last week. The problems on the quiz will be very similar to the problems which you could find each week on homework assignments, which will not be graded. There will be 10-12 quizzes, each worth 0, 1, or 2 points. For the final grade we dismiss three worst ones and "rescale" points so that the maximal score will give 40 "final" points. There will be no make-ups for quizzes.
Exam:   There will be a written final exam.

     In-class problems (and homework assignments)
       1st week
       2nd week
       3rd week
       4th week
       5th week
       The last class before the first midterm
       7th week
       Homework assignment for April 25th
       9th week
       10th week
       11th week
       12th week
       13th week
       14th week