Probabilistic Methods

Instructor:   Tomasz Łuczak
office: Collegium Mathematicum, Campus Morasko, Room B3-30.
office hours: Tuesday 12:00-13:00, Thursday 10:30-11:30 and by appointment.
phone: (61) 829-5394
Time: Thursday 8:15-9:45 (room A2-21) and 13:45-15:15 (room A2-12)
Textbook: Noga Alon, Joel Spencer The Probabilistic Method, Wiley, 2008.
Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of combinatorics and probability theory.
Grading: Grades will be based on homework take-home assignments (70% of points), and the final exam (30% of points).
Course description: The main objective of the course is to study a number of various probabilistic techniques used in combinatorics, number theory, and computer science.
Homework: A number of problems will be assigned once a week (typically on Thursday evening). These problems will be graded.
The Final: The final in-class exam will be comprehensive but will consist of the problems which will be either identical or very similar to that we will be solving in the class or assigned for homework assignments.
Contact: If you have any question or comments please e-mail me. You are also welcome to just drop by at my office at any time (it might happen that I am not there, so perhaps it is a good idea to call me first), or make an appointment, preferably by e-mail.

Homework problems (graded)

(due October 17th):   Homework #1
(due October 24th):   Homework #2
(due November 7th):   Homework #3
(due November 14th):   Homework #4
(due November 21st):   Homework #5
(due November 28th):   Homework #6
(due December 5th):   Homework #7
(due December 19th):   Homework #8
(due January 16th):   Homework #9